AlphaLift - Installation Guide


Follow these steps to install AlphaLift

1. Secure the Speedybar to the vehicle door hinge.

2. Mount the Paralift electric lifter to the speedybar pivot points.

3. Connect the Paralift electric lifter to the power module.

4. Connect the Pendant controller to the Paralift electric lifter.

5. Mount the articulated swivel arm components to the Paralift electric lifter.

6. Make sure the 12 to 24 volt power module is plugged into the vehicle power supply.

7. Test the AlphaLift for correct operation.

8. Place the sling in position under the person being lifted.

9. Connect the sling to the lift points on the articulated swivel arm.

10. Using the pendant controller lift the person from their wheel chair.

11. Manually push the person into the vehicle feet first and then manoeuvre them into the seating position.

12. Lower the lifter and disconnect the sling.

13. To uninstall AlphaLift reverse the process.