smiley-speech.jpgSome time ago as my wifes Atypical Parkinson's condition progressed, I encountered challenges in assisting her with entering and exiting the car. In response to this difficulty, I conducted extensive research on lifting devices suitable for vehicular use. During my exploration, I came across a remarkable lifter manufactured in South Australia. The genesis of this innovative device traces back to a gentleman named Des, who, unfortunately, lost both of his legs due to a car accident.

While recovering in the hospital, Des conceived the idea of a lifter to facilitate the process of getting in and out of vehicles. He collaborated with an engineering friend, presenting the concept and asking, "Can we build this?" The engineering professional responded affirmatively, and the outcome was nothing short of remarkable. Des's ingenuity and determination led to the creation of a lifting device that has since gained significant traction.

To date, Des's invention has been widely successful, with over 400 units sold. Notably, these lifters are officially approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This not only attests to the practicality and effectiveness of the lifter but also underscores its recognition and endorsement within the disability support community.

The journey of Des and his lifter serves as a testament to the power of innovation in overcoming personal challenges and, in turn, benefiting others facing similar difficulties. It is heartening to witness such inspiring stories that not only enhance the quality of life for individuals like my wife also contribute to advancements in assistive technology for the broader community.


Peter - Bunbury Victoria - Dec 2023 thumbs-up-icon.jpgthumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpg We are delighted that the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter enables my wife, who has lost the use of her right arm and leg following a stroke, to sit in the front passenger seat, not in a wheelchair, in the car. A smooth ride in an existing car seat is a also important to my wife as she has vertigo as well as spinal nerve damage. Another advantage is that no physical effort is required by my wife in being lifted out of her wheelchair and into the car; it's easier for her than transferring from her wheelchair to a recliner chair or bed.

Alphalifts custom designed sling is very easy to fit and comfortable to wear, including when travelling in the car. The AlphaLift option is significantly cheaper than any other option, like lowering the floor of the car and then using a ramp of lift, and can be installed easily and quickly, whereas the companies that lower floors in cars often take months to even start the job.

The ingenious Australian invention deserves accolades and will be an ideal solution for many people like us.

John - Adelaide - September 2023' thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpg I am 74 and a high level quadriplegic. I am tall with long legs. My wife can no longer transfer me without assistance in and out of our 2014 Holden Calais using a sliding board. The AlphaLift Mobility Lifter enables her to get me in and out of our car without help. It does take a little time but we anticipate becoming more adept at using it.

It has allowed me to get out and about more and we are very happy with it. Matthew's huge efforts in modifying the lifter to suit my needs made it all possible and i thank him very much.

Vincent - July 2023' thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpg The AlphaLift is a life changing piece of equipment. Having a family member go from independence to complete dependency was difficult enough. Not being able to get them into a high van was heartbreaking. Going anywhere became very difficult and needed at least three people. approximately 5 minutes and alone, I can get my mum in the front seat (not in the back to get car sick), with ease. No straining or back ache and mum feels safe and secure. Thank you so much for changing a difficult situation to one where we can go and enjoy life again.

Sincerely Rose - June 2023' thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgDear Alphalift Mobility Lifter Team,

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude for creating such and incredible product. As the caregiver of a loved one with a disability, I know firsthand the physical and emotional toll that manual transfers can take on both the caregiver and the individual being transferred. That's why i am so grateful for the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter, which has completely transformed the way we approach vehicle transfers.

Before using the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter, transferring my loved one into the car was a physically demanding and stressful task. Not only did i worry about my own safety and the safety of my loved one, but I also struggled to get them into the correct seated position, which often resulted in discomfort and poor posture during the ride.

Since incorporating the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter into our routine, however, everything has changed. The lifter provides a safe, stable platform for transfers, allowing me to move my loved one into the car with ease and confidence. And, perhaps most importantly, the lifter ensures that they are seated in the correct position, which has dramatically reduced their discomfort and improved their posture during the ride.

Overall, I cannot thank you enough for creating such an amazing product. The AlphaLift Mobility Lifter has truly made a world of difference in our lives, and i would recommend it to anyone who needs to transfer a loved one with a disability into a vehicle. Thank you again for your commitment to improving the lives of caregivers and individuals with disabilities alike.

Sincerely, Peter - March 2023. thumbs-up-icon.jpg



smiley-speech.jpg “In todays world it’s not often that you come across New Genius Ideas, but that is exactly what “Access Unlimited Lift” have done with the “AlphaLift Mobility Lifter”. It is pure genius! 

The problem we had was providing comfort for long trips in the car. Instead of sitting in the back of the van in her wheelchair, my wife is now able to sit in the front seat, in comfort. The AlphaLift Mobility Lifter solved that problem beautifully!  
We found the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter easy to assemble, operate & use. The lift motion is smooth, quiet, versatile & provides for a safe transfer from wheelchair to car seat with minimal effort. The lifter is manufactured to a high standard that gives peace of mind.  
My wife & I would also like to commend “Access Unlimited Lift” for their excellent Customer Service! Matthew was a pleasure to deal with & went above & beyond to accommodate our needs. They come highly recommended & I have no hesitation in recommending them to others who may benefit!  
Thank you again Matthew for your kind consideration, we truly appreciate all your hard work!

 Marcello & Fern - February 2023 thumbs-up-icon.jpg


 smiley-speech.jpgHi Matthew, Des

"A game changer!"

We were very lucky to have been able to purchase an AlphaLift in October, since receiving our lifter we have been able to return to getting out of the house and back to visiting friends, family and be more active in our community. MND has made it difficult for us to get out and about safely, with risk of my husband falling or myself receiving a back injury due to the lifting and twisting to get him in and out of the car. The AlphaLift was easily fitted to our Ford Falcon and it only takes a small amount of time to be able to adjust it to a variety of other vehicles whilst still allowing the car to be used for able bodied passengers as well. It provides a safe support system to move my husband from his wheelchair to the car and back again. I find it very easy to assemble the system onto the door hinge and feel confident in manoeuvring him using the AlphaLift with the provided sling which provides good support for his back and a feeling of safety even when suspended in the air during the transfer. Thanks for giving us back our ability to go to important meetings and Dr/OT appointments etc and having fun with our family and friends again.

We highly recommend the AlphaLift, its a game changer in assisting family members to be able to enjoy the freedom in getting back into the community and enjoying life together.

Sandi and Colin - SA - January 2023 thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpg Hi Des, Matthew

We recently purchased the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter with a speedybar that was easily adjusted for my vehicle (Suzuki Vitara) door hinges. It is not fixed to the car permanently, so we still use the front passenger seat for the family as needed.

The lifter was tricky to use at first as mum is virtually paralysed from the waist down and can't move her legs to help with the lift, nor can she pull herself into a seating position on her own, but after a couple of times we worked out a system so i can single handedly use the lifter now without bumping her legs on the hoist motor. Mum is comfortable transporting in the sling and i can use the lifter on my own with ease.

It is genius, a truly exceptional invention and makes moving and transporting mum from the wheelchair to the car seat so much safer. It has given mum more freedom and flexibility getting to the doctor and hospital appointments, shopping and social events and a better quality of life. 

I highly recommend the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter and thank Des Peck and his team at Access Unlimited Lift for the prompt and friendly service.

Kind Regards

Florence - SA - June 22' thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpg Hi Desmond, Matthew

We like to travel and holiday in the outback using our 4-wheel drive Pajero and we were travelling less due to the difficulty of trying to lift our disabled teenager (who weighs about 60kg) in and out of the vehicle.

Des and his team custom made a door bracket to allow the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter to be fitted to our model vehicle.

Having the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter means we can lift our disabled child in and out of the vehicle without risk of injury to him or to us and gives us greater opportunity for travel anywhere at anytime. 

The lifter is easy to use and is compact to store in the vehicle

It has given us the freedom to get out and about as we wish.


Bronte - SA - March 2022  thumbs-up-icon.jpg




 smiley-speech.jpg Hi Desmond

I received the lift on Friday and have just put it into the VW. I only had to adjust the top hook for the door hinge and i was set. I tried the 80yr old lady in it and it worked very well. So well in fact that i would like to purchase another speedy-bar so that i don't have to keep readjusting it when i change it from the VW to the Fiat. I am 75 and have a bit of arthritis in my thumbs and using the tools causes me pain. 

Many Thanks, Jackie Lane - Qld - Feb 22' thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgThank you very much to Access Unlimited Lift for the help getting an AlphaLift so that i could get my wife mobile again. Until now I could not get her in and out of the car to go anywhere, but now i can use the AlphaLift to freely lift her in and out.

I had borrowed an alternative lifter before but found it difficult to use as i had to work the lifter and hold my wife at the same time. The AlphaLift is easy to use and the sling holds my wife in place better. 

Thank You - Frank Schnalle.  thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgHi Desmond

The UnderHook arrived yesterday lunch time and it works great! Thanks again for your excellent after sales service, it is very hard to find that these days. If you ever get an enquiry from Perth and they don't want to buy unless they see the AlphaLift in person, you are welcome to send them to me to give them a demo.

'John' - Western Australia  thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgHi Des

The heat effects my MS, to the point that i cannot stand to get into the car. What we did was put the sling on my gopher seat before i got on....then when we got back to the car, Keith hooked me up on it and in we went. Having the lifter avoided me having to stand and try and get in the car. It also took pressure off of Keith. Basically, he just hooked me up and pushed me in without any effort needed.

It was a God send.

Thank you!   thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgDear Team

The AlphaLift Personal Lifter is a must for anyone with a disability that restricts them from accessing a vehicle etc without using a wheelchair accessible bus or taxi. It gives you the freedom to go out whenever and wherever your want.

I was amazed by the ease of the set up and operation which one person can handle easily. This has allowed us the freedom to be able to take a wheelchair bound family member to places we didn't think possible.

I had the pleasure of meeting Desmond Peck and would once again like to thank him for his wonderful invention.

'Noel'  thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgDear Des

We are writing to you to inform you what a difference the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter has made to our lives. My husband and I own a Toyota Hilux that i could originally get in and out of. We then transitioned to stepping on the side steps with my husbands assistance. This became a serious fall risk. 

We looked at various forms of aids to assist me in getting into the car, and decided on the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter due to its ease of use and that there was no need to drill into the car.

There was an issue getting it to fit properly on the door hinges, your engineer came to our house, made the necessary adjustments and it now fits perfectly. Your professionalism before and after the sale has been fantastic. Nothing has been too hard for you or your team and we cannot thank you enough!

We highly recommend your product and your company if customers want an easy system to use with a professional team to work with them.

'Keith and Gaynor'  thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgHi Gents

I have been using the AlphaLift for my wife for the last 6 months.

It is extremely reliable and easy to use, even for my wife who is virtually paralysed down her left side and limited movement elsewhere.

The AlphaLift allows us to attend church most Sundays without having to wait for wheelchair cabs etc and as well as weekly outings elsewhere. 

Des and his team were able to fit the Speedybar to our Kia SUV and can also be calibrated to fit our VW SUV. 

We are very happy with the AlphaLift system and can highly recommend it.  thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgHi Des & Matthew

My father (a retired farmer) has been in a nursing home for a couple of years.

He can no longer walk or stand due to strokes and Parkinson disease which make it very difficult to take him anywhere.

When we were able to purchase the AlphaLift, and he was able to go to family activities and go to family farms, he was given something to live for.

The smile and joy on his face when he gets out is wonderful.  thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgHi Des & Matthew

Yes, we are very happy with the lifter. 

We purchased the AlphaLift because it is easy to use and my carer doesn't have to worry about manual handling me in and out.

I would certainly recommend Access Unlimited Lift. thumbs-up-icon.jpg


smiley-speech.jpgHi Des

Pamela and I would like to thank you for the freedom this has given to our life.  

“Evil can only flourish when good people do nothing” 

 Be kind and gentle for you know not what burdens other people have to bear.  thumbs-up-icon.jpg 


smiley-speech.jpg Thankyou for your lifter. Dad has enjoyed several trips already.

It has certainly brightened up his life.  thumbs-up-icon.jpg