Dear Team

The AlphaLift Personal Lifter is a must for anyone with a disability that restricts them from accessing a vehicle etc without using a wheelchair accessible bus or taxi. It gives you the freedom to go out whenever and wherever your want.

I was amazed by the ease of the set up and operation which one person can handle easily. This has allowed us the freedom to be able to take a wheelchair bound family member to places we didn't think possible.

I had the pleasure of meeting Desmond Peck and would once again like to thank him for his wonderful invention.



Dear Des

We are writing to you to inform you what a difference the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter has made to our lives. My husband and I own a Toyota Hilux that i could originally get in and out of. We then transitioned to stepping on the side steps with my husbands assistance. This became a serious fall risk. 

We looked at various forms of aids to assist me in getting into the car, and decided on the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter due to its ease of use and that there was no need to drill into the car.

There was an issue getting it to fit properly on the door hinges, your engineer came to our house, made the necessary adjustments and it now fits perfectly. Your professionalism before and after the sale has been fantastic. Nothing has been too hard for you or your team and we cannot thank you enough!

We highly recommend your product and your company if customers want an easy system to use with a professional team to work with them.

'Keith and Gaynor'


Hi Gents

I have been using the AlphaLift for my wife for the last 6 months.

It is extremely reliable and easy to use, even for my wife who is virtually paralysed down her left side and limited movement elsewhere.

The AlphaLift allows us to attend church most Sundays without having to wait for wheelchair cabs etc and as well as weekly outings elsewhere. 

Des and his team were able to fit the Speedybar to our Kia SUV and can also be calibrated to fit our VW SUV. 

We are very happy with the AlphaLift system and can highly recommend it.


Hi Des & Matthew

My father (a retired farmer) has been in a nursing home for a couple of years.

He can no longer walk or stand due to strokes and Parkinson disease which make it very difficult to take him anywhere.

When we were able to purchase the AlphaLift, and he was able to go to family activities and go to family farms, he was given something to live for.

The smile and joy on his face when he gets out is wonderful.


Hi Des & Matthew

Yes, we are very happy with the lifter. 

We purchased the AlphaLift because it is easy to use and my carer doesn't have to worry about manual handling me in and out. I would certainly recommend Access Unlimited Lift.


Hi Des

Pamela and I would like to thank you for the freedom this has given to our life.  

“Evil can only flourish when good people do nothing” 

 Be kind and gentle for you know not what burdens other people have to bear.  


 Thankyou for your lifter. Dad has enjoyed several trips already.

It has certainly brightened up his life.