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Our innovative, Australian made AlphaLift Mobility Lifter allows wheelchair users to get out and about without the excess cost of taxis. It’s quick and easy to use, fits almost any car and is easily transferred between vehicles. Our product was founded by Desmond Peck, who is delighted to make his lifting device, the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter, available to other wheelchair users in a similar position to him. See more about Desmond's inspiring story below. 


The AlphaLift Mobility lifter is NDIS approved and easy to install with no drilling required. Enquire today.

Please feel free to contact us directly per the below...

South Australia

Desmond Peck  +61 0419 825 445

Matthew Parker +61 0478 688 616


Christchurch - NZ

Richard Shepherd +64 21 0854 3105


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