Our Story


Hi my name is Des Peck and I’m delighted to make my lifting device, the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter, available to other wheelchair users in a similar position to me.





I lost both of my legs in an accident some time ago and as a consequence I’m reliant on the support of carers and manual handling equipment for my mobility.

The independence I once enjoyed of being the driver or passenger in my own car became a challenge and put my carers at risk of injury due to the stress and strain of getting me in and out of the vehicle.

I could see the need for a lifting device that would make it easier to get me from my wheelchair to the passenger seat. And since I believe ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and being an inventive person, I decided to develop that idea which is today the AlphaLift Mobility Lifter.

AlphaLift has given me the freedom to travel where-ever I want and when-ever I want without being reliant on Wheelchair Accessible Taxis or my carers having to lift me.

It’s made a difference to my life and I hope it will make a difference to yours if you decide to buy an AlphaLift.


...The Beginning...

Des Peck on 'Today Tonight'