AUL-XT Home Lifter

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Product Description

AUL-XT Home Lifter

The AUL-XT Home Lifter is a strong, compact, easy to use lifter made of light-weight aluminium. The AUL-XT is easy to manuove into tight spaces and can be folded into a compact size suitable for storage or transportation.

This Lifter features electronic controls (pendant push button) aiding in a smooth range of lift and transfer. The legs are also opened and closed electronically making it ideal for home use. The AUL-XT comes standard with a 5Ah Lead Acid 'Detachable' Battery that can be charged anywhere. 


  • Length = 1,424mm
  • Width = 656mm
  • Lifting Distance = 1,740 mm
  • Ground Clearance = 65mm
  • Motor = 24V 7000n
  • Net Weight = 38kg