The Power of Innovation

The Power of Innovation

Access Unlimited Lift on 20th Dec 2023

Some time ago as my wifes Atypical Parkison's condition progressed, I encountered challenges in assisting her with entering and exiting the car. In response to this difficulty, I conducted extensive research on lifting devices suitable for vehicular use. During my exploration, I came across a remarkable lifter manufactured in South Australia. The genisis of this innovative device traces back to a gentleman named Des, who, unfortunately, lost both of his legs due to a car accident.

While recovering in the hospital, Des conceived the idea of a lifter to facilitate the process of getting in and out of vehicles. He collaborated with an engineering friend, presenting the concept and asking, "Can we build this?" The engineering professional responded affirmatively, and the outcome was nothing short of remarkable. Des's ingenuity and determination led to the creation of a lifting device that has since gained significant traction.

To date, Des's invention has been widely successful, with over 400 units sold. Notably, these lifters are officially approved by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This not only attests to the practicality and effectiveness of the lifter but also underscores its recognition and endorsement within the disability support community.

The journey of Des and his lifter serves as a testament to the power of innovation in overcoming personal challenges and, in turn, benefiting others facing similar difficulties. It is heartening to witness such inspiring stories that not only enhance the quality of life for individuals like my wife also contribute to advancements in assistive technology for the broader community.